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Wyndhurst Quantum Leap To Evrmor – Versatility Award

May 04, 2007 − by Leslie − in Versatility Rottweilers − No Comments

Wyndhurst Quantum Leap To Evrmor - Rottweiler Club of Canada Hall of Fame 2008MULTI V-RATED,MULTI AOM, High in Trial AM/CAN UCI INT’L CH Wyndhurst Quantum Leap To Evrmor Am CDX,Can CD,RE,TD,HSAs,JHD,Can HT,MXP,MJP,VCD2,CIst,AD,BH,TT,CGC MRC Hall of Fame, ARC Versatility Excellent, ARC 2003 Top Ten Bitch, ARC 2004 Top Producer Bitch ARC Gold Dam, ARC 2005 Top Ten Agility Dog, ARC 2007 Top Ten Carting Intermediate Team (Quantum)

Breeders: D.Brownstein, A. Callahan, N. Davis, J. Morgan
Owner: Debbie Haynes

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