It is with great pride we launch the new RCC website. At this point there are some dozen pages, 163 posts, well over a hundred categories, dozens of widgets and programmed sidebars, innumberable media elements and more to come.

The new site is built upon a WordPress Framework. This gives us multiple benefits:

  • Consistent navigation across the entire site. You can get to any page from any page, no more backing out to the main page and using the side menu.
  • WordPress offers the ability for many people to update the site without extensive web design experience or expensive software. Eventually selected members of the executive will also be able to post information on the site.
  • Integration with social media – Each news item from events, litter listings, Brag box and Best in Show winners and many, many other categories will also appear on the RCC facebook page. Each post also has icons to facilitate social media sharing. For example in the litter listing screen capture below you can see that if someone saw something of interest on the site it would be very easy to share via a number of social media channels or even by email. This should help us get the word out about all our events, initiatives and other news.

Screen capture showing the new social media sharing options

Where’s All the Old Content

It’s coming! The old RCC site had some 400 hundred plus pages and we are still working to move ALL of the old content over. But… it will take some time and trying to keep both sites updated was not feasible. We wanted to get all our new content out to the social media channels well in advanced of events and litters etc. But under the hood the old content will still be added.

There will be a transition period where if someone is searching in google they may still get some of the old pages until we have moved that content over.

Leslie Williams
Webmaster – Rottweiler Club of Canada