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Urban Tracking Sanction Match – Calgary Alberta – Sept. 16, 2012

September 14, 2012 − by Leslie − in Events, Prairies, Tracking − No Comments

Rottweiler Logan working with distraction on an urban trackThe RCC has been wanting to be formally sanctioned for urban tracking tests for some time.  Due to the cost of hosting sanction events for urban, it was not feasible until now.  We will be working in conjunction with the Weimaraner Association of Canada, with some of their members in Calgary, on September 15th and 16th, 2012 to put on two sanction matches (one day for each club).  The RCC’s sanction match day will be September 16, 2012. The Weimaraner Club will be doing both a field and urban sanction event.  Their sanction field tracking day will be Sept. 15th, 2012.  We will be pooling both clubs’ resources to host both sanctions trials.

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After this sanction match we will then be able to offer urban tracking tests on behalf of the RCC.  This is very exciting and is another performance event we can add to our rooster of events we will be able to host.  We are already able to hold Field Tracking trials, we were just missing this one component to be able to host all tracking events (field and urban).  Look for the RCC to host their own Urban Tracking Test in 2013.

Please contact Gwen Haynes at for further information regarding the sanction trial or if you wish to volunteer or come out and learn what urban tracking is all about.



Gwen Haynes

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