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Are You the Right Person for a Rottweiler?

A dog is a commitment that shouldn't be taken lightly. Before buying, you need to evaluate your daily lifestyle and how a dog will affect it. A Rottweiler needs plenty of attention, exercise and care over the course of its life. It needs to be well trained, well fed and well loved in order to thrive. Besides the purchase price, [...]

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The Settle Exercise

The Settle Exercise will teach your dog to accept you and your family as leaders. Each dog in your "pack" must understand that being handled for grooming, vet exams and in general is not optional. The dog/s must accept and tolerate handling without biting, struggling or otherwise trying to take control. It is important to follow the instructions given to [...]

When is a Growl Not a Grumble

Interpreting Your Rottweiler's Vocal Tendencies In training and observing Rottweilers, a common problem I have noticed is with the dog who "grumbles". I have had people call me in hysterics because their precious little five month old Rottweiler is growling at them. They immediately assume he's gone over the edge and is dangling on the precipice of absolute viciousness. Usually [...]

Showing Your Tailed Rottweiler

Well, much as this has been a delicate subject over the past couple of years, it is with great pride I announce the first "natural tailed" Champion in the history of the breed in Canada! My young man, Fabius, became a Canadian Champion at 19 months of age, by finishing at the Tradex shows in Abbotsford BC in October of [...]

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Leadership - An Attitude for Behavioral Success Leadership is important in many ways, but to your dog, leadership means only one thing and that is, "who leads the pack". Because dogs are pack animals, having a leader for the pack is paramount. When there is no leader in a pack, there is cause for anxiety. The pack leader is in [...]

Chewing and Biting and Nipping (Bite Inhibition)

Puppies need to bite, chew and play. It is very important to their mental health and well being. Trying to completely eliminate the behavior frustrates this natural desire. In turn, this increases problems with chewing and nipping. There are a number of ways to teach a puppy that biting, chewing and tugging on certain items are wrong. One way is [...]

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Adopting a Rottweiler from a Shelter or Rescue Group

We adopted a great Rottweiler from an SPCA shelter, and I’m proud that we did. In the past few months as ‘parents’ of Alice, we have learned a lot about our dog, and also about Rottweilers as a breed. I hope that some of what we’ve learned may help others to choose a dog in need of a good home. [...]

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