Top Producers – All Time (Dogs)

#1 Top Producing Rottweiler Dog

Multi V-1, CNYS’00, OSS’02, Multi BISS Am/Can Ch Yngo van het Dornedal Am/Can CDX, Am/Can TD, SchHIII, FH, BST, BH, TT, CGC

Breeder: Lydie Houbrechts
Owner: Mike Jackman

928 RCC Production Points

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#2 Top Producing Rottweiler Dog

Ch. Wathaman’s Sunalta My Officer CD

Breeder: Heather Smith
Owner: Heather Smith

333 RCC Production Points[separator line=”yes”] Maplemor Aru The One V Evrmor (Logan)

#3 Top Producing Rottweiler Dog

Am/Can/UCI Int’l CH Maplemor ARU The One v Evrmor, Am/Can TDX, UTD, BST, FH1

Breeder: Janna Morgan and Deborah Haynes
Owner: Gwen Haynes

191 RCC Production Points

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Mako von der Bleichstrasse#4 Top Producing Rottweiler Dog

V-1 BIS Select Am./Can./UCI-Int.Ch.Mako Von Der Bleichstrasse BH, TT, CGC, HCT

Breeder: Harald Menzemer
Owner: Suzanne J. Eikanger-Stoops

189 RCC production points

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I'm Oliver von Damien - Best in Show#5 Top Producing Rottweiler Dog

BIS/BISS Select Ch I’m Oliver von Damien CD, CGC, RTD

Breeder: Mike & Irene Jackman
Owner: Bob Collis

78 RCC Production Points[separator line=”yes”]

Ghengis Khan vom Eaglehaus#6 Top Producing Rottweiler Dog

01 WCLG Sieger Multi V-1 Am Can UCI Intl CH Ghengis Khan vom Eaglehaus HT HCT TT CGC CRRC Hall of Fame MRC Honor Roll

Breeder: Orten Ker
Owner: Pam Boles & Drew Schroeder

60 RCC Production Points

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Noblegolds Wolfgang VonRoth#7 Top Producing Rottweiler Dog

Ch. Noblegolds Wolfgang VonRoth TT

Breeder: Robert Pandolfi and Nancy Noble
Owner: Elaine M. Roth

35 RCC Production Points


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