Often people are seeking advice on how to incorporate their family with their dogs.  In response to this request, we have attached the following Dr. Yin charts that show pictures as well as a small write up on each picture.  These are all great suggestions for all families and children to be aware of when interacting with the family pet (either at home or on the street when meeting dogs).  When meeting dogs on the street that are out for a walk, it is always paramount that you ask the owner of the dog first, before even interacting with the dog, if they can meet and pet the dog.  All dog owners appreciate this before reaching for their dog on a walk.

As with all things relating to dogs, we highly recommend that if you are having any issues with your dogs interacting with your children or yourself, that you seek the advice of a trained and accredited animal behaviourist.  These charts provide you with the basics and common sense approach to interacting with the family dog.

how to interact with dogsinfographic credit animal behaviourist – Dr. Sophia Yin – visit her website for more great tips on interacting with dogs