Rottweiler Acronyms

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Here are some commonly used abbreviations found in Rottweiler pedigrees including conformation and working titles, health clearances and more.

 AD – Endurance Test – 20 KM

 ADRK – Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub e. V.- only German Club recognized by the CKC

 AXJ – AKC Jumpers Excellent

 BBT – Basic Breed Test – this test is the same as the ZtP – minus the bite work

 BH – Traffic Sureness Test – includes obedience and temperament test

 BIS – Best in Show – The dog having defeated every dog at an all breed show

 BISA – Awarded Best in Show at an AKC licensed All-Breed conformation show

 BISS – Best in Specialty Show – The best Rottweiler at a show where only Rottweilers are in competition

 BOB – Best of Breed – The best Rottweiler at an all breed show

 BOS – Best of Opposite Sex – Which ever sex is awarded BOB an “opposite sex” is chosen

 BOW – Best of Winners – the Best between the winners dog and winners bitch

 BST – Breeding Suitability Test – same requirements as a ZtP

CD – Companion Dog – has completed the requirements for the Companion Dog Obedience Title, by receiving three separate qualifying scores, by two different judges in the Novice Obedience Level

CDX – Companion Dog Excellent – Has completed the requirements for the Companion Dog Excellent Title, by receiving three separate qualifying scores, by two different judges in the Open Obedience Class.

 CERF – Canine Eye Registration Foundation – Canine opthalmologists test and certify the dogs eyes against genetic diseases. ( an annual test)

 CGC – Canine Good Citizen – A test of the dogs social behaviour, obedience and temperment – often the first step in going into canine therapy work.

CGN – Canine Good Neighbour – A Canadian version of the CGC test.

 Ch. – Champion – Has won ten points ( Canada – it is fifteen in the US) under three different judges. Judging is compared against the breed standard for conformation, structure and movement. Other countries have different point systems and standards.

FCI – Federation Cynologique International – The official International Canine Federation

FH – Fahrtenhund – Tracking degree

Gekort – Suitable for breeding for a period of two years: subject to re-evaluation

Gekort bis EzA – Suitable for breeding for the duration of breeding life; dogs 2-10 years and bitches from 2-9 years

Gr.1-4 – A placement in the Group, Ist-4th at an All-Breed show

HD – Hd-Frei-No indications of hip dysplasia

HD-+ – Indicates slight changes to hip joints

HD+ – Indicates mild hip dysplasia present

HIC – Herding Instinct Certificate

HIT – High in Trial – received by attaining the highest score in a licensed CKC or AKC Obedience Trail

HITs (dg) – Herding Instinct Tested in sheep — Herding Instinct Tested in ducks and goats.

Intl.Ch – International Champion – Awarded by the FCI in accordance with their rules

IPO – International Prufungs Organization – Working title similar to Schutzhund

Koerung – Preferred breeding status for 2 years

Leg – A qualifying score received in any level of obedience. Three legs are needed to pass each level of obedience.

LS – Leistungszucht – Parents and Grandparents have SchH degrees

OFA – Orthopedic Foundation for Animals – Board of certified radiologist, rate and certify x-rays of hips and elbows. (USA)

OTCH – Obedience Trial Champion – A dog having obtained three Obedience titles; CD,CDX,UD.(Canadian)

OVC – Ontario Veterinary College – board certified radiologist rate and certify x-rays of hips and elbows. The system is either a pass or fail (Canada)

Pink Papered – Parents & Gr. Parents with Schutzhund titles or both parents with a Koerung

RTD – Registered Therapy Dog

RWD/B – Reserve Winners Dog/Bitch – second to the dog/bitch who won the points at a licensed conformation show.

SchH – Schutzhund – A German dog sport – with three competitive levels. The sport includes obedience, tracking and protection

SG – Sehr Gut – A German rating of ‘Very Good’

Sieger – The Best Male in a German Rottweiler Show

Siegerin – The Best Female in a German Rottweiler Show

TD – Tracking Degree – Scenting and tracking ability

TDX – Tracking Degree Excellent – Advanced Tracking

TT – Temperament Test

UD – Utility Dog – Has completed the requirements for the Utility Tile, by receiving three separate qualifying scores, by two different judges in the Utility Level

V – Vorzuglich – a rating of excellent at a German Rottweiler Show

WD/B – Winners Dog/ Bitch – the male/ female that win the points at a CKC/AKC licensed Dog Show

WH– Wachund – Watchdog tile. No bite work

ZtPr – German breed suitability test – includes measuring weighing & character testing


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