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In a perfect world all dogs would be lifetime dogs in great homes. Rottweilers can end up in shelter or rescue for a lot of reasons: Family breakup, owner’s death or illness, the family having to move after the household’s main wage-earner loses their job as well as less understandable issues where the owners are giving the dog up because it is unruly after not receiving enough training, the dog has health problems they can’t afford to treat, they don’t want a senior dog or they are just tired of being dog parents (some people!). Whatever the reason – there are some absolutely amazing rottweilers looking for their next home.

Start by liking our facebook page – we do courtesy posts for various shelters and rescues when they have a Rottweiler looking for a home. We don’t handle dog placement so if you see a dog you are interested in YOU MUST CONTACT THE RESCUE ORGANIZATION DIRECTLY.

Adopting a Rottweiler from a Shelter or Rescue Group

We adopted a great Rottweiler from an SPCA shelter, and I’m proud that we did. In the past few months as ‘parents’ of Alice, we have learned a lot about our dog, and also about Rottweilers as a breed. I hope that some of what we’ve learned may help others to choose a dog in need of a good home. Part one - The Adoption: It started when Nicole had become quite fond of a particular female Rottweiler with no name while volunteering at a local SPCA. Apparently, the dog was was a stray, was suspected to be around 2 [...]

Steps for Rehoming your Rottweiler

1. The first thing you must do is contact your “breeder” of your dog to ask them to take the dog back or assist you in training or finding a suitable placement.

2. If the breeder won’t take the dog back then you should contact rescues in your area to assist you in placement

3. If you are thinking of rehoming your Rottweiler because of behaviour issues – Have you contacted an experienced behaviourist to assist you in helping your dog?

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