Rottweiler Club of Canada IPO Scorebook Cover

Scorebooks are required for IPO, BST, LBST, and ABST events. The RCC scorebook will also be accepted at applicable events held by the following clubs: USRC, GSSCC – the RCC is also working towards agreements with the DVG and USCA.


Please enclose the following with this Application for Scorebook:

  1. Photocopy of the dog’s registration/pedigree papers
    Dogs born in Canada must submit:

    1. Photocopy of the CKC Registration Certificate, and
    2. Photocopy of the CKC Certified Pedigree that is tattoo and/or microchip certified. **If CKC pedigree is not tattoo or microchip certified, you must enclose a copy of the CKC Certified Pedigree and an original Veterinary Verification of Tattoo/Microchip Form.

    Foreign-born dogs:

    1. Photocopy of the registration/pedigree papers issued by the FCI recognized club of the dog’s country of origin ALONG WITH the original Veterinary Verification of Tattoo/Microchip Form.
    2. Original trial scorebook that is recognized by the RCC. These clubs are USRC, DVG, GSSCC, USCA, SV or other National Rottweiler Breed Club recognized by the FCI.

Price: RCC members $25.00,  non-members $30.00 (Canadian Funds)
Payment can be made either by cheque or paypal (Price listed below includes service charge for Paypal).

RCC Scorebook
First Name

Mail or email (if paying via Paypal) completed application, required documents and fees to:

Shannon O’Briant
RCC IPO Chair Office
127 West Springs Way SW
Calgary, AB T3H 4P5