Prairies Herding Instinct Test Results – June 10, 2012

On June 10th, 2012 the RCC held an HIC fundraiser at the No Chicken Ranch in Okotoks, AB.  We had 27 dogs show up to be tested.  The breeds ranged from Australian Shepherds, mixed breed dogs, border collies, smooth collies, a berger pickard, rottweilers, berners and mixed breeds.

Out of the 27 dogs that attended the event, we had 18 passes.

Special thanks to our evaluator, Jerry Kurbatoff, and to the volunteers who helped at the event, Michelle Whistlecraft, Gwen Haynes and Shannon O’Briant.

The four Rottweilers that earned their HICs were:

  • Lana – Tierney’s A Real Head Turner v Brooklane HIC, owned by Gwen Haynes
  • Blast – Wathaman’s Xtreme Explosion HIC, owned by Michelle Whistlecraft
  • Abby – owned by Cori and JasonGiso
  • Oliver – owned by Cori and Jason Giso

Thank you again to all that supported the RCC’s HIC.


 Gwen Haynes

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