Rottweiler Club of Canada has membership with the following organizations:

Rottweiler Health Foundation

RCC is not only a member but also a Sponsoring Donator with a current donation of $500.00. We will be donating an additional $500.00 this year, bringing our total donation to $1000.00 which will increase our status to Guardian Donator. We are proud to support such a worthy organization.

Dog Legislation Council of Canada

RCC is a member and large donator to the Legal Challenge Fund as well as to the legal cause to fight the Pitbull legislation in Ontario. Visit the DLCC website for more information on this cause.

Charitable Donations

In addition to the donations mentioned above, Rottweiler Club of Canada is proud of the following charitable contributions:

Rottweiler Rescue Organization in Canada

RCC donates $1000.00 a year to a various Rottweiler rescue organizations throughout Canada. To date the following organizations have benefitted from this donation:

  • Southern Alberta Rottweiler Rescue
  • West Coast Rottweiler Rescue

American Rottweiler Club Disaster Relief Fun

RCC donated $1000.00 to the the American Rottweiler Club – Disaster
Relief Fund to help with the rescue of the 200 rottweilers in Texas from a
hoarding/breeding situation.

Ontario Veterinary College (OVC

RCC donated to the OVC to support canine cancer research.

Purdue University

RCC donated to Purdue University to support canine cancer research.