2013 National Sieger Show, ZTP (Breed Survey), Rottweiler Only Protection Tournament and Working Seminar in DeWinton, Alberta, CANADA September 21st – 22nd 2013

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rotweiller - Trojan TKO IV Beowulf Brooklane

Multi V rated, Can CH Trojan TKO IV Beowulf Brooklane, BH, AD, RN, Ztp, TT, CGC
Successfully earned his Ztp
Owner and Handler: Angie Parsons
Helper: Shannon O’Briant
Judge: ADRK Anton Spindler

rotweiller - Prince Djuke von Evman

V1, Can CH Prince Djuke von Evman, BH, AD, Ztp, CGN, CGC
Owner/Handler: Pat Nesbitt
Call Name: Bruiser
Successfully earned his ZTP

rotweiller - Osbourne Vom Schwaiger Wappen

V1, Osbourne Vom Schwaiger Wappen, BH, IPO1, Ztp
Owner/Handler: Lisa MacGillivray
Call Name: Ozy
Winner of the Protection Tournament
(Anton, Lisa and Jason – the helper)
Successfully earned his ZTP and also was awarded 2013 RCC National Sieger (V1 from the Working Male class)!!!

Rottweiler Lana - 2nd Place protection tournament
V1 Rated, 2013 RCC National Youth Siegerin, Can CH Tiernery’s A Real Head Turner, DDX, BH, CD, HIC, CGN

Placed 2nd in the Protection Tournament
Handler: Shannon O’Briant
Owner: Gwen Haynes
( Jason – the helper, Shannon & Anton)

rotweiller - Ben

Jason, Angie and her dog Ben, Judge: Anton
placed 3rd in the Protection Tournament

rotweiller - Kiros von Silvermere

V1, Kiros von Silvermere
Owner and Handler: John Latour
2013 RCC National Youth Sieger (V1 from the 12 – 18 Month male class)
Judge: Anton Spindler, ADRK (Germany)

Rottweiler - Youth Siegerin - Lana
V1 Rated, 2013 RCC National Youth Siegerin, Can CH Tiernery’s A Real Head Turner, DDX, BH, CD, HIC, CGN
Owner: Gwen Haynes

rotweiller - Evman Olinda Vom Vistalerland

V1, Can CH. Evman Olinda Vom Vistalerland
Handler: Debbie Nesbitt
Owner: Pat Nesbitt
(V1, 12 – 18 month female class)


Also a pic of the winner of the Stud Dog Class – Multi V1 Rated, Multi Sieger Winner, 2010 RCC National Sieger, Multi AKC BIS, BISS, OTCH Am/Can CH Maplemor ARU The One v Evrmor, Am/Can TD, TDX, CD, RN, HT, RE, CS, UD, UTD, DDX, BH, BST, SchH3, FH1, HS, HI, HA, SDS, SDI, HRD1, HTAD2, STDscd, JHD, HIC, TT, CGC

(from L to R: Kristie with her girl Aura, Angie with her girl Andi, Gwen with her girl Lana and Shannon with the Stud Dog Winner, Logan)

rotweiller club of canada volunteers

Ladies working the Cookies for Chance table at the Sieger Show!

ADRK Judge - Anton Spindler

Letter from ADRK Judge: Anton Spindler

I had the great honour and pleasure to judge the Conformation Show, ZTP (Breed Survey), Rottweiler Only Protection Tournament (in DeWinton, Alberta) and Working Seminar in Calgary, Alberta.

The show grounds and facilities were outstanding and perfect for the show as well as for the ZTP and the protection tournament. The seminar was at the Chinook Schutzhund Club of Calgary field, which was ideal as well. The weather was perfect for the dog show, the BST and the seminar.

The whole organization was superbly done by Gwen Haynes and her team. The show chairperson, and critique writer, Betty Osing did an amazing job. Tracey Rodd did a tremendous job as ring steward. She was an enormous help and was just simply wonderful. The helpers at the ZTP, protection tournament and the seminar, Shannon O’Briant (aka Woody) and Jason Giso were fast, strong and sporty. They did an outstanding job.

For the amount and the variety of events which were planned, we had very good numbers. Saturday: 45 for the show, 3 for the BST, 6 for the protection tournament (with 3 absentees). Sunday: 12 seminar participants (18 dogs).

ZTP: We started off with the ZTP early Saturday morning. The routines we did were in line with the ADRK tests. Three dogs were entered. The dogs showed correct conformation, structure and social/environment behaviour. The sport test was on a large baseball field. This gave spectators the opportunity to watch closely and allowed us the space for nice long sport catches with nice long drives. I am pleased to advise that all three passed. The dogs were very well prepared for a challenging test, like this was. My deep respect and my thanks for our breed goes to the handlers, breeders and helpers of these dogs.

Show: We continued with the show immediately after the ZTP dogs. The handling and the presentation of the dogs was for the most part, very good. Showing teeth was in general, correctly done. What pleases me most, is that great sportsmanship was shown in all events. Everyone helped everyone, from showing, to baiting, to running, to loaning toys, collars etc. Great camaraderie.

Most of the dogs presented before me, showed strong dry heads according to the standard, good height with correct substance. Untypey and unwanted Molossar type heads with over shaped / unnatural stops and loose skin were not really present. The markings have been mostly red brown and clear. The average mouth pigmentation was very good – brown to medium brown. A few dogs had black mouth pigmenation. The fronts were often naturally, but not straight. The rear ends did show correct / good angulation and with strong muscles. The backs in general were broad and straight.

Seminar: On Sunday we went on with the working seminar. We had a great work out in obedience, protection and helper training the whole day. We did mostly very practical, easy to understand and easy to use work with the dogs. I showed modern dog training with less stress for the dogs, the handlers and the helpers.

I worked with the dogs as well as worked with the handlers and the helpers. I did demonstrate the basics and fundamentals as a prerequisite for success and happiness in dog training, specifically with Rottweilers. To do successful training, being relaxed is a must as well as an understanding for every single dog and most importantly for the breed itself.

At the end of the day everybody was full of great impressions and information. ALL dogs showed improvements in obedience and protection in a relatively short period of time in the one day seminar. The dogs’ faces showed the same smile that the handlers had. It was great. All dogs, as well as all handlers and the helpers, progressed enormously.

The whole weekend was an huge success for our breed. The organization who made it happen: The Rottweiler Club of Canada with its club members in Calgary and in large part to the planning and organizational skills of Gwen Haynes and her crew of volunteers, made this event the success it was. My deep thank you goes out to all participants, all handlers, all breeders, all trainers and all helpers. I want to thank you all in the name of our wonderfull breed – the Rottweiler. Please keep up the good work. The Rottweiler needs all of you and remember: EVERYBODY WHO HAS A ROTTWEILER IS A WINNER!

I hope to see you all soon again in Canada, Germany or around the globe.

Warmest greetings
Anton Spindler, 24.09.2013

Show Committee Report

2013 RCC National Sieger Show, Ztp and Rottweiler Only Protection Tournament

September 21, 2013
Judge:  Anton Spindler, ADRK

Another National Sieger Show for the RCC has come and gone.  I will be honest and say, thank goodness, as it was a lot of work as these shows always are, but that being said, it was a great success.

The weather was fantastic (minus the wind in the afternoon) compared to the last time the National Sieger Show was out in the Prairies in 2010.  We had beautiful sunshine and nice temperatures.

The day started early at 8:30 with the three Ztp dogs.  We are pleased to advise that all three dogs passed a very challenging Ztp.  If you earn a Ztp under Anton Spindler, you have EARNED it.  He was pleased with the dogs temperaments, courage and social nature.  Three very nice working Rottweilers.

We started the conformation show at 10:30 and it went smoothly.  We started with the puppy and youth classes (males and then females).  The Best Male/Female Puppy and Youth Sieger/in were awarded before lunch.

During lunch we had the Fastest Recall contest.  So much fun.  We had 7 dogs entered.  The fastest recall went to a cute and super-fast Malinois called Hula who was owned by our Protection Tournament helper, Jason Giso.

After lunch, we continued the conformation judging of the adult classes (males and then females).  Sieger/in, Most Beautiful in Show, Best Veteran, Kennel Class, Stud Dog and Brood Bitch were then awarded.

We went on to the Protection Tournament.  We had a total of 5 entries but only 3 competed.  Two males and one female.  The winner was Ozy owned by Lisa McGillvary in Victoria BC.  Ozy was also our National Sieger winner (awarded a V1 from the Working Male Class) and one of the dogs that passed their Ztp that morning.   The youngest one in the tournament, Lana, was not quite 2 years old and she placed second with a nice performance.  She was handled by her Dad, Shannon O’Briant.  Lana was also the National Youth Siegerin winner (awarded V1 from the 18 to 24 month Female Class).  Our third place winner was Ben, a lovely boy from Newfoundland owned and handled by Angie Parsons.  He also passed his Ztp that day as well and was awarded V2 in the Champion Male class.  A nice showing of some great working Rottweilers.

HUGE thank you to our Ring Steward, Tracey Rodd.  She did an incredible job.  She kept Anton informed and flowing with his judging.  Ensured the dogs were at ring side and the ones next to come in, on deck.  Fantastic job Tracey and thank you so much for your efforts and hard work.

Thank you to Marina Skoreiko and Mike Skoreiko who took care of the hall each night and closed it up.  I appreciate that very much.  Marina the efforts you did for the silent auction are amazing.  You gathered many great items that people enjoyed bidding on and it brought in some much extra cash that we needed to put on this great show.  Can’t thank you both enough for your hard work to put this show on.

Special thank you to the helpers for the Protection Tournament and the Ztp.  Shannon (aka Woody) O’Briant was the helper for the Ztp dogs.  He worked hard that morning safely catching and driving those dogs.  The dogs were fresh with the cool morning air.  Shannon had a great work out from those dogs.  No easy feat to catch a drive a 100+ lb Rottweiler in high drive.  Jason Giso, was our helper for the Protection Tournament.  He did a great job again.  A very safe, capable and excellent helper.  The dogs had great success that day on the field due in large part to the excellent helper work and experience with working Rottweilers.  Thank you guys for your excellent helper work on some wonderful dogs.

Of course this show could not have gone on without the immense help of Betty Osing.  She was our Show Superintendent and did a great job.  She was instrumental in typing the critiques as our Judge spoke.  She stayed late getting the critiques printed off and given to people.  She also did our catalogue and various other things that were necessary to get this show off the ground.  Could not have done it without her and I owe her BIG.

To our volunteers that helped pack up the show site at the end of the day and to the ones that helped with lunch and other little things that needed attending too.  Kristie Hiller, you were a God send.  Helping Betty out with registration in the morning, doing little things here and there when asked and selling the 50/50 tickets.  Because of Kristie’s efforts in selling those tickets, we were able to donate the RCC’s half of their winnings to Chance, our poster rescue Rottweiler – he was even on hand to be petted by people.  So wonderful to see him.  He has done so well since being rescued by Marina Skoreiko and her family.  Monies were also raised by Cookies for Chance.  I believe Marina advised that over $600.00 was raised towards his ongoing medical care.

The day ended around 5:00 pm. but what a whirlwind day, we packed a ton of things into one day.

We had the judge’s dinner at Milestone’s in Calgary at 8:30 pm.  It was very well attended and Anton enjoyed himself immensely.  We chatted about the Rottweiler in general, the sport of IPO, training methods (old and new) and briefly discussed the ADRK’s role with respect to the Breed.

Sunday was an impromptu seminar held at the Chinook Schutzhund Club of Calgary.  It was well attended with 11 people in attendance and their dogs.  All Rottweilers except for Hula, the Malinois.  Anton was very adamant that good training comes from NOT stressing the dog out.  The dog should always have a good feeling when being on the field and that preparation for any good performance begins from the minute you get your dog out of the car and prepared to enter the field.  We all came away with some very nice feedback and homework.  The afternoon sessions were IPO protection.  Our helpers, Shannon and Jason, supplied excellent helper work yet again and also learned some new things from Anton to apply to their club dogs when next they meet for training.

All in all, the weekend was fantastic.  A LOT of work but so worth it.  Everyone was happy with the show and pleased with the excellent sportsmanship, help with dogs and easy going nature of everyone at the show.  When someone needed a hand running a dog or baiting a dog, there was someone there to help.

I can’t say enough great things about our judge, Anton Spindler.  He was excellent on so many different levels:  critiquing, Ztp judging, Protection Tournament judging, seminar expertise – the list goes on.  His love for our breed is immense and you can see it in his eyes and the way he lights up when he watches a Rottweiler work.  He has such a calm demeanor about him that it calms the nervous handlers of their dogs.  He never rushed anyone through the exam, he took his time and was extremely patient with all of the dogs.  He gave everyone a fair shake and was excellent.

If you ever get the chance to attend a show that Anton is judging, or to attend a seminar that he is putting on – I highly recommend you make your way there.  You won’t be disappointed.

We have had such great feedback from the competitors of the show and the seminar, to ask Anton back next year.  If we do this, it will be a three day event.  Day 1 will be a limited show of around 26 dogs and a half day limited IPO trial.   Day 2 and 3 will be a seminar (we will also have space to do 2 Ztp dogs).  Not sure what time of year we will do this as it depends on Anton’s schedule but this seems like a very fun and great way to have Anton over again and to try and do something a little different than what is normally done.

Thank you to everyone who attended the show this year.  Your attendance was greatly appreciated and to those that did not attend, well you missed a great show!!!