Lana becomes the first Rottweiler to earn ALL four draft titles offered by the CKC.

Rottweiler Tierney's A Real Head Turner v Brooklane earns multiple drafting titlesLana has made Rottweiler history!!!

She became the first Rottweiler to earn ALL four draft titles offered in CKC: DD, DDX, BDD and BDDX.

Lana earned the very last title (BDDX) this past weekend in Bragg Creek at a very challenging draft test held by the Newfoundland Dog Fanciers of Alberta.
Lana’s partner for both the BDD and BDDX was her buddy, Panache. They are a
very solid, patient and hardworking team. Always giving it their all and
trying super hard each time as challenging points came up on the course.
They listened, they performed and they earned this title purely on their
heart to cart.

Rottweiler Lana and a Newfie compete for an advanced drafting title.The BDDX team had to haul 120 lbs up and down very steep
hills, through very tight obsticles and very rough terrain. For those not
familiar with the requirements for CKC draft, the BDDX team must do driving
(with the handler behind the cart and cannot move from behind the cart):
which incorporates various rights and lefts, halts and a change of pace
(slow). They must hold perfectly still for harness and hitching, loading
and unloading and when you are loading and unloading 120 lbs of rocks – it
can take a bit of time. Talk about a patient team.

Once you are done driving, you get a rest and then you must perform a freight haul. It is a LONG freight haul. After the freight haul, you get a bit of a rest and then
you do a back pack. Each dog in the team must carry 1/6th of their body
weight in their packs. Then you head out on back pack and along the way you
get a dog distraction to which your dogs must not pay attention to the same.
All three phases are done off leash.

The DDX is a very hard test but to do it with two dogs, with two independent
brains and two different breeds – well let’s just say it often could be a
bit of a challenge, but as always Lana and Panache rose to the occasion and
made me very proud to be the handler of such a fantastic ALL girl team.

I must thank Pauline Baldwin – owner of Panache, for lending me Panache for
the past year to train these girls and meet up at various locations
throughout Calgary even if it was for just 10 mins so that I could drive the
girls. Pauline was an excellent training partner for me as well. I can’t
thank her enough. Of course this team could not be a team without Panache –
every single time we showed up to do brace people often giggled over the
fact that I had a rottie and a newf as a carting duo but once they saw us
work, they were impressed.

Lana is now officially known as: Multi V1 Rated, 2012 RCC National Youth
Siegerin, 2015 RCC National Siegerin, MOTCH, Can CH Tierney’s A Real Head
Turner v Brooklane, BH, IPO1, TR2, OB2, TD, DDX(x2), BDDX, HIC, TT, CGN

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