EMILY March 30,1998-December 26, 2010
March 30, 1998 to Dec. 26, 2010 

Remembering Emily

  • She was our best friend
  • She was there through thick and thin
  • She was there through happy times and sad times
  • She was our beloved angel
  • She was beautiful, loving, gentle, and funny
  • She was our baby.
  • She was very loyal and protective.
  • She loved people and was a great ambassador for her breed.
  • Not only did she liked being photographed she was photogenic.

She loved going to see Santa. So much so that she kissed him and he fell off the bench. Needless, to say Santa wasn’t thrilled when the people laughed at him. A reporter for the local newspaper printed the story. It went viral on the internet.

We will always love you our beloved angel.
Hazel Sanders
Laurel, MD  USA