In Memory of Bullet

February 16, 1997 to July 23, 2011

Bullet came to us in April, 1997 at 9 weeks of age.  He would have gone to a shelter had we not adopted him, so in a way, he was a rescue dog.  We lost him this past Saturday, July 23rd, 2011.  He was 14 years, 5 months old.  Bullet was the most wonderful, sweet, loving and loyal companion to me and my family.  My three children and I will never forget the amazing lessons of love and respect for animals that this beautiful dog has taught us.

Bullet was my shadow; he followed me everywhere in my home, and even when he wasn’t able to walk well, during the last few weeks of his life, he still managed to be by my side whenever possible.  He gave me much comfort over the last 14 plus years, and saw me through many personal triumphs and tribulations.  In my opinion, Rottweilers are the most regal, proud, courageous and loving dogs, and I feel honoured to have had the privilege of knowing and loving this amazing animal!!  Rest in peace, my beloved friend.

Shelley Austin
Thornhill, Ontario