Procedure For Filing A Formal Complaint

If you wish to file a complaint against any member of the Rottweiler Club of Canada alleging a violation of the rules governing the Rottweiler Club of Canada as published in its Constitution and Bylaws, please complete the Official Complaint Form and submit it to the Secretary of the RCC within 30 days of the alleged violation. The appropriate complaint deposit as noted below must accompany the Official Complaint Form. To receive a copy of the Official Complaint Form contact the RCC Secretary.

Cost $125.00

Please note fee is payable in Canadian dollars. Discounted cheques or money orders will not be accepted.

Please note a complaint against the Secretary of the Club or any and all members of the Discipline Committee must be sent directly to the President of the RCC. Complaints submitted shall be governed by the by-laws of the RCC (relevant section 11.2, 11.3) and pertinent Standing Resolutions

The RCC will not accept complaints from multiple complainants unless it can be established that the complainants are a partnership (e.g. co-breeders, or co-owners of a dog). In other words, a complaint must be laid by one individual against one individual. Exception: Should the complaint be laid against a Committee Chairperson for the actions of the Committee then it shall be considered one complaint against the whole committee in question.

Correspondence should be forwarded to:

The Rottweiler Club of Canada

Attn: Secretary
Kristi Fraser
12975 Coventry Hills Way NE
Calgary, AB
T3K 5R2