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New Titles for Khayrick & Stonerose Rottweilers

Khayrick and Stonerose have been very busy with our Rottweilers this spring. Starting in April with Ayza getting her OTCH (with 2 High in Class Wins) in April at the Wascana Dog Obedience club. Ayza is now formally known as Ch OTCH Khayrick’s Anastasia Malenkaya RE CGN HCT. In June we

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Advertise with the RCC

Advertise with the Rottweiler Club of Canada The Rottweiler Club of Canada’s website consistently ranks at the top of google search results for the term “Rottweiler” and sees traffic of over 4000 unique visitors per month of which about 75% are new and 25% are repeat visitors. Banner Advertising These

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Coming Soon

Hi Everyone: Your BISS show rottweilers, High in Trial Rottweilers & Show Results have not been forgotten- we are still working at moving data over from the old site and over the next few weeks will be focused on getting all of the old awards and show results live.

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Gold Breeders / Gold Breedings

As per the RCC COE – Gold Breeder Members (effective Jan 1st, 2009) Any member of the RCC may place the wording “RCC Gold Breeder” in their advertising and the word “Gold” after their Kennel name, if they obtain CHIC numbers on all their alive owned/co-owned/leased breeding dogs and/or semen. RCC Breeder member

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When is a Growl Not a Grumble

Interpreting Your Rottweiler’s Vocal Tendencies In training and observing Rottweilers, a common problem I have noticed is with the dog who “grumbles”. I have had people call me in hysterics because their precious little five month old Rottweiler is growling at them. They immediately assume he’s gone over the edge

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Aortic Stenosis

Aortic stenosis(AS) had been reported to be the third most prevalent congenital cardiac disorder in the dog, but researchers at the Ontario Veterinary College (Dr. Michael O’Grady Dip-ACVIM Cardiology and staff) have found it to be the most common congenital cardiac disorder in dogs they have examined. It is reported

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Heartworms have been common in the south eastern coastal states for more than 50 years. During the last 20 they have become a real threat to our Rottweilers. They have slowly spread inland from the East coast and now few states, if any, are free from heartworms. Hundreds of dogs

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