Bio – Ian Hutchinson

My first Rottie was a rescue girl. She was approximately 5 – 6 months old. Through a lot of patience and a lot of work, she turned into one of the most amazing friends a man could have. This was my introduction to the wonderful Rottie breed. As a result [...]

Bio – Theresa Loehde

My name is Theresa Loehde and I am pleased to join the Rottweiler Club of Canada in the position of Membership Chair. For as long as I can remember I have been in love with the Rottweiler breed and in March of 2009 I was finally blessed with my first [...]

New Titles for Khayrick & Stonerose Rottweilers

Khayrick and Stonerose have been very busy with our Rottweilers this spring. Starting in April with Ayza getting her OTCH (with 2 High in Class Wins) in April at the Wascana Dog Obedience club. Ayza is now formally known as Ch OTCH Khayrick's Anastasia Malenkaya RE CGN HCT. In June we [...]

Advertise with the RCC

Advertise with the Rottweiler Club of Canada The Rottweiler Club of Canada's website consistently ranks at the top of google search results for the term “Rottweiler” and sees traffic of over 4000 unique visitors per month of which about 75% are new and 25% are repeat visitors. Banner Advertising These [...]

Support Rottweiler Initiatives

The Rottweiler Club of Canada supports many worthy causes including: the fight again Breed Specific Legislation, Rottweiler Rescue, the Rottweiler Health Foundation and you can support your National Sieger Show or National Specialty Show.
Please email the RCC Ttreasurer and let us know which cause you wish to support with your donation.

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