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Leadership – An Attitude for Behavioral Success Leadership is important in many ways, but to your dog, leadership means only one thing and that is, “who leads the pack”. Because dogs are pack animals, having a leader for the pack is paramount. When there is no leader in a pack,

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April 08, 2010 by Leslie in Obedience Training Articles, Puppy Training, Training Articles

Chewing and Biting and Nipping (Bite Inhibition)

Puppies need to bite, chew and play. It is very important to their mental health and well being. Trying to completely eliminate the behavior frustrates this natural desire. In turn, this increases problems with chewing and nipping. There are a number of ways to teach a puppy that biting, chewing

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Adopting a Rottweiler from a Shelter or Rescue Group

We adopted a great Rottweiler from an SPCA shelter, and I’m proud that we did. In the past few months as ‘parents’ of Alice, we have learned a lot about our dog, and also about Rottweilers as a breed. I hope that some of what we’ve learned may help others

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