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April 09, 2009 by Leslie in Rottweiler Health Resources

New Vaccination Protocol

As suggested by Dr. Dodd for years, the revised Vaccination Protocol for ALL 27 Vet hospitals will apparently be changing their programs. This is welcome news and should be taken with you to your vet should you need reinforcement against over-vaccination. Vaccination Newsflash: I would like to make you aware

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April 09, 2004 by Leslie in Rottweiler Health Resources

PennHIP: A New Scientific Method of Early Diagnosis of Canine Hip Dysplasia

As most of you know, canine hip dysplasia (CHD) is the most common, heritable orthopaedic problem seen in dogs. A previous article in this series discussed CHD and the orthopaedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), however as the University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program (PennHIP) method of CHD evaluation is becoming

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April 09, 2004 by Leslie in Rottweiler Health Resources, Uncategorized

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals: Hips and Elbows

The OFA is the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Inc. and is responsible for maintaining the hip and elbow registries, among others, for dogs in North America. At the OFA a panel of three board-certified veterinary radiologists will read your dog’s pelvic radiograph and give the dog a rating of Excellent,

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April 09, 1998 by Leslie in Rottweiler Health Resources

American Kennel Club Health Conference Report (1997)

Dr. Sue Reis DVM, chairperson of the American Rottweiler Club (ARC) Health Committee and a associate of our RCC Health Committee attended the American Kennel Club (AKC) second National Parent Club Health Conference in St. Louis, Missouri on November 2-3, 1997. I have summarized her report for our RCC Newsletter

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