Working on the RCC website brings back memories. The original RCC site was one of the very first websites I ever built and it started me on a long road learning web-design. I took many courses in html, CSS, graphics and graphics programs, did thousands of hours of tutorials and finally went back to school to complete a diploma in Computer Information Systems.  Since then I have built many sites and have taught web design, even becoming an Adobe Certified Instructor for Dreamweaver and Illustrator.

The methodology for websites has really changed since the original site was built. I cringe a little when I look under the hood of some of the older pages!  Die Font Tags Die! I am really looking forward to the launch of the new site using the wordpress framework. I am can’t wait to see the RCC site with a consistent navigation experience across the entire site! In addition, the WordPress framework allow for updates by many people (without web design experience and expensive software) and will facilitate integration with social media. Once  the site is live, all our posts will automatically appear on facebook as well. I really believe that this will make an incredible difference in our ability to get our our message out there and help the club remain a viable entity in the dog world.

On the personal side, I have shared my life with a number of outstanding Rottweilers (Sable, Cali, Toad, Porsche and now Gruff).

Leslie Williams