My name is Debbie Cornell-Charneski, and along with my husband Chris, we live in Mission, British Columbia.

I’ve owned Rottweilers for over 40 years now, after having been “converted” from living in a Doberman household. I spent over 10 years of this time doing rescue work, both on my own, and for a short time, with the Fraser Valley Rottweiler Rescue. We currently are not as active in rescue as we used to be, but we almost always have a list of Rottweilers needing homes in local shelters or foster homes.

I am a professional handler, who is active in the CKC, the AKC, and along with a few UKC and UCI Int. shows. Besides dog shows and training, I enjoy traveling, shopping, reading, camping, movies, music, ….and anything else that is dog related. I have had various positions with the RCC over the many years I have been a member; RCC Secretary, website master, newsletter editor, Club Historian, a long time RCC Director for British Columbia, COE Chairperson, etc.  I also belong to other Rottweiler and All-Breed clubs, both in Canada and the US (we are Permanently Registered with the CKC), and hold a position (and a founding member) with the West Coast Landesgruppe.

I am more than thankful for my dogs and the time I spend with them, as they help relax me and take away the stress of what can be a very hard day.

I have been a member of the RCC for quite a few years now, and I’ve enjoyed it greatly. It has given me the opportunity to promote the breed in a good light, to educate the general public on the virtues of this breed, and to increase pride in our National Club.

I can be contacted at