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Bio-Dale MacMillan

February 02, 2016 − by Sebastian − in Bio − 1 Comments

Dale MacMillanHello, my name is Dale MacMillan.  My husband and I live on the east coast of Canada, where we currently share our home with 2 much-loved Rottweilers. I have been a member of the Rottweiler Club of Canada for a number of years, and the past 4 years serving as VP. I have been involved with the breed for 17 years, breeding, training, and competing with our dogs.

Our first puppy, Baron – Ch, CFC Ch WhiteCliff’s Baron of St. Croix, TT, CGN, HIC, RE started us on this adventure with the breed. We have since that time shared our home with 7 of these wonderful dogs. We have participated in conformation, rally, agility, tracking, draft dog, barn/brush hunt, dock diving and scent detection. As a member the RCC I have had the opportunity to volunteer at local RCC events. If given the opportunity I would encourage our members to volunteer at your local events.  It’s a great way to connect with fellow RCC members and Rottweiler owners in your area, and you help our club continue to offer these events.


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