2015 RCC Canadian National Sieger Show Report

September 19, 2015

Well another National Sieger show is in the books. What a great show we had. The show site was spectacular, the weather was perfect (minus the wind) and the quality of dogs at the show was amazing.

We were very honoured to have ADRK Judge and Kormeister, Helmut Weiler, come all the way from Germany to judge this show. What a wonderful man. So kind and so appreciative of everything that was done for him. He was in awe of our organization of this event as well as all of the great volunteers that all pitched in to make sure this show went off without a hitch.

As always, these shows cannot be done without the incredible help of our volunteers. Without the following people, this show would not have been a success:

Betty Osing – critique scribe and the most amazing Show Secretary one could ever ask for. I would never dream of doing these shows without her in the driver’s seat

Shannon O’Briant – my very helpful other half. Thank you for your assistance in setting up the ring, running around getting the PA System, plaques for the Protection Tournament and assisting in ensuring Helmut Weiler was taken care of during his stay. You helped run dogs for exhibitors and also was the handler in the ZTP demo. You worked your butt off all day long and barely sat down.

Marina Skoreiko – she was responsible for the wonderful exhibitor/swag bags. WOW she did a great job as the exhibitors loved them. She also hustled her butt off gathering silent auction items for our fundraiser. Thank you again Marina – again I could not have thought of a better person doing these jobs. Your help was immense. She helped with set up and take down as well. Not to mention ran her butt off showing many dogs for both herself, her friends and her puppy people. She never stopped!!!

Tracey Rodd – I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to Tracey for her expert Chief Ring Steward duties – you’re amazing. She took over from Helmut as he did not want to use the microphone to critique the dogs so Tracey repeated everything Helmut was saying. Lots of exhibitors commented that they really liked this way of doing it. Tracey kept the pace of the show flowing. She also got to read off the Veteran bios as they entered the ring. She made a lot of us choke up hearing the bios and watching those old dogs strutting their stuff. She assisted in set up and tear down as well – thank you so much Tracey for your incredible organization skills and not being afraid to speak over a mic!!!!

Karen Sampogna – thank you so much for being able to convince your “mom and pop” tenants for the mall you help manage to contribute to our silent auction table. It was a huge success. Thank you for taking care of the Registration Table and thank you so much for helping with set up and tear down. You helped make this show a great success

Theresa Loehde – thank you for manning the silent auction table and the 50/50 tickets. You did an incredible job of ensuring those prices for the items kept going up. Thank you for helping with tear down as well. Greatly appreciated

Dana Kingsbury – thank you for coming out on Friday evening to take pictures of the Protection Tournament and then showing up early the next day to help with the Registration table and selling 50/50 tickets. She doesn’t even own a Rottweiler but is a good friend who is incredibly helpful. Thank you again Dana for all your help – greatly appreciated.

Byron Osing – husband of our Show Secretary and also stepped in as our chief photographer as the photographer that we did have got her weekends mixed up and we are grateful that Byron was able to step in. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Judith Beam – WOW you are like the energizer bunny. You were instrumental in set up and tear down. Whatever it is that we needed done, she did it. Not to mention also show her own dog and run around the ring. Thank you for your help Judith

Angie Parsons – thank you so much for your help in setting up and tearing down. She also was busy showing her own dogs and running around the ring quite a few times. She also travelled all the way from Newfoundland to be at this show – always appreciate your support and of course it is always nice to see you.

Deon Fillier – thank you so much for taking over the responsibilities of set up and tear down of the PA System. His back ground as a musician sure did help in this regard. It was nice not to worry about the system. You were also instrumental in set up and tear down – much appreciated and great to meet you. He also came all the way from Newfoundland.

Dylan and Holly Powell – Dylan was our official helper for the Protection Tournament and for the demo ZTP the next day. He is a young gentleman with an extreme love of the sport and dogs. He was an excellent helper – very safe and very consistent. Both Holly and Dylan assisted in setting up for our show and tearing down – they were awesome and such a great young couple in the world of sport dogs.

Jeanette Brown – scribe for Betty Osing. Thank you for your time that you spent assisting Betty until you needed to leave. Greatly appreciated.

Carol Giese – thank you for hooking the Club up with Blue Buffalo as a sponsor for our show. As well, thank you for all of the dog coats – WOW what a huge hit they were and made quite a few dollars for the club.

We had a total of 38 dogs entered in the show. The judge complimented everyone on the caliber of the dogs that were brought before him to judge. We may not have had the quantity one likes to see at a show but we sure had the quality. He commended the breeders at the show for staying true to what the Rottweiler should look like.

Mr. Weiler proceeded to run all the dogs in the appropriate classes that could handle the length of time to run. That was great fun I have to admit. I thoroughly enjoyed myself stepping in to help various people who needed the assistance to run their dogs.

The best part of the whole show, in my humble opinion (and from various comments received from the exhibitors) was the Veteran classes. We decided this year to read out bios of each dog that entered the ring. Boy was that hard not to cry while each bio was being read and to watch those veterans in there just light up when the entire crowd was watching and cheering them on. They had so much fun and I think their handlers were very proud of what was on the end of their lead. Each veteran received a lovely dog bed donated by Betty and Byron Osing. They also received a medallion and ALL veterans received excellent critiques. Although the premium stated that veterans would not receive ratings or placements, Mr. Weiler felt that these veterans deserved to be placed. Mr. Weiler also commented to the audience that he has not seen such high quality in veterans in all of his judging. He was most impressed with this class in both females and males. He talked fondly of judging that class at the Judge’s dinner on Saturday night. He felt it was a great idea our club had to honour the veterans in such a fashion. He even brought the first place male and female veteran back in the ring for Most Beautiful Rottweiler in Show.

As I can now finally sit back and relax and breathe a sigh of relief that this show is now over, I can say that I absolutely loved this show this year. I felt it was well run and well manned by all volunteers. The exhibitors had a great time and I have no doubt the dogs thought this was a great day too.

Thank you to all exhibitors who came and supported our show – we hope the next time one of these shows is held out in the Prairie Region, that more people enter the show.

Thank you again to all of the volunteers – you were instrumental to the sheer success of this show. Helmut had said in all his years of judging, this was the most well run, organized show he has ever had the pleasure of judging. He stated that we have a great core group of people who know their jobs. No one wanted for anything with the organization we had for this show.

The Official Results have now been posted along with pictures of the winners. A report from Helmut Weiler will follow in a few weeks once he is back from Hungary judging their club show.

Gwen Haynes

Volunteer and on the 2015 RCC National Sieger Show Committee


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