2015 Canadian National Sieger Show Results

2015 Rcc National Sieger Show Winners:

Most Promising Male Puppy: VV1 Esmond’s Neopolitan
Most Promising Female Puppy: VV1 Tierney’s Always Meine Lieben
2015 RCC National Youth Sieger: V1 Ashemburg’s Lady Killer
2015 RCC National Youth Siegerin: V1 Ashemburg’s Lady B Fly, Rn, CGN, HIC
2015 RCC National Sieger: No Dog Qualified For This Award
2015 RCC National Siegerin: V1, Motch, Can Ch Tierney’s A Real Head Turner, BH, IPO1, TD, DDX, BDD, HIC, TT, CGN
2015 RCC National Select Male: V1 Am/ Can Grch Esmond’s One Night Stand, Ra, TT
2015 RCC National Select Female: V1 Brooklane’s Bloomberg Bessie
2015 RCC National Kennel Class: Brooklane Rottweilers
Most Beautiful Rottweiler In Show: V1 Am/can Grch Esmond’s One Night Stand, RA, TT

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Baby Puppy Males – 3-6 Months:

VV1 Esmond’s Neopolitan
Owned by Angie Parsons

VV2 Eternalfire’s Made to Order for Nighthawk
Owned by Beatrize & Murillo Olinger, Traci Geremia

ABS Eternalfire’s All the Extra’s v Nighthawk
Owned by Jenna Hall, Traci Geremia and Sarah Janner

Junior Puppy Males – 6-9 Months:

VV1 Hercules VomVom Konigsforest
Owned by Ute & Peter Sierig

VV2 Edgar Von Turm Hugel
Owned by Jeremiah Johnson and Jenna Johnson

VV3 Akamai Aladdin Sane of Eirian
Owned by Katrin Becker

Jungstenklasse Male – 9-12 Months:

VV1 Can CH Fortail’s Guardian Spirit
Owned by Janice Skeldon

VSP2 Can CH Esmonds God of All
Owned by Dawn Phillips and Ann Felesk-Jackman

Jugendklasse Male – 12-18 Months:

V1 Regenesis Hans Vom Keegan

V2 Am/Can CH Trojan’s Kickin’It Old Skool
Owned by Kristi Kalke-Osborne and Debbie Cornell-Charneski

SG3 Flip Vom Hause Edelstein
Owned by Carol Giese

Junghundklasse Male – 18-24 Months:

V1 Ashemburg’s Lady Killer
Owned by Dave McGregor and Michelle McGregor

Offene Class Male:

V1 Ashemburg’s Rey Presidiaro
Owned by Janet Stahl and Craig Kahut

V2 Kiros Von Silvermere
Owned by John Latour

V3 Brooklane’s Blastin Benelli
Owned by Judith Beam and Angie Parsons

SG4 Kamone Von Silvermere
Owned by Dr. Oluwatosin M. Apata

Champion Class Males:

V1 Am/ Can GrCH Esmond’s One Night Stand, RA, TT
Owned by Dawn Phillips and Anne Feleske-Jackman

V2 Can GrCH Trojan TKO IV Beowulf Brooklane, ZTP, BH, AD, RN
Owned by Angie Parsons

Baby Puppy Females – 3-6 Months:

VV1 Veida Vom Offenburgher
Owned by Carol Giese

VV2 Vianne Vom Offenburgher
Owned by Eileen Reid

VV3 Eternalfire’s Flip Over to Nighthawk
Owned by Traci Geremia

Junior Puppy Females – 6-9 Months:

VV1 Akamai London Calling Eirian
Owned by Kristi Fraser

Jungstenklasse Females – 9-12 Months:

VV1 Tierney’s Always Meine Lieben
Owned by Gwen Haynes

VV2 Fortails Tiggers Roo the Day
Owned by Ian Hutchinson

Jugendklasse Females – 12-18 Months:

G1 Ter Waele Our Marvel
Owned by Stephanie Inkster

Junghundklasse Females – 18-24 Months:

V1 Ashemburg’s Lady B Fly
Owned by Marina Skoreiko

Offene Klasse Females:

V1 Brooklane’s Bloomberg Bessie
Owned by Angie Parsons

SG2 JungerSohn A Story Two Tell v Esmond
Owned by Ayoka Bubar

Gebrauchshundklasse Females (Working):

V1 MOTCH, Can CH Tierney’s A Real Head Turner, BH, IPO1, TD, DDX, BDD, HIC, TT, CGC
Owned by Gwen Haynes

Champion Females:

V1 Can GRCH Ashemburg’s Fly By Night Thief, CDX, RAE, CGN, HIC, TT
Owned by Marina Skoreiko

V2 Can CH Eirian’s Hellava Ride to Akamai, CD, DD, RA, CGN, HIC
Owned by Kristi Fraser and Johnna Glover

V3 Can CH Ashemburg’s Robbin’ The Hood, CGN, AGJNS
Owned by Tasha Gammelseter, Cam Dansereau and Marina Skoreiko

Veteran Males:

1ST Multi Sieger, Multi V1, Multi AKC BIS, BISS, TCH, OTCH, Am/Can CH Maplemor ARU The One v Evrmor, BH, SCH3, FH1, TR1, RE, DDX, HT, HS, HI, HA, SDS, SDI, TT, HIC, CGN  Owned by Gwen Haynes

2ND Can CH Ashemburg’s Dark Side, RN, CGN, HIC, TT
Owned by Marina Skoreiko

3RD Can CH Akamai Bold Ruckus, CD1, RE, RL1, CGN, TT, HIC
Owned by Kristi Fraser

Veteran Females:

1ST Can CH Ashemburg’s Annie Get Yer Gun, STDs, HIC, TT, CGN
Owned by Trevor Grill

2ND Akamai Wicked This Way Comes, CDX, RE, DD, CRXCL-CWRII, RL3-AOE, CGN, TT, HIC
Owned by Barb Burgess

3RD Can CH Akamai Dreamseeker, CD, RE, RL1, BH, CGN, TT, HIC
Owned by Kristi Fraser



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