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Top Producers – All Time (Bitches)

#1 Top Producing Rottweiler (Bitch) Ch Wathaman's Ol Time Rock N Roll Breeder: Heather Smith Owner: Heather Smith 564 RCC Production Points [separator line="yes"] #2 Top Producing Rottweiler (Bitch) V-2 Ch Nordike Tribeca All That Jazz CDX, Am CD, BH, TT, CGC, TDI Breeder: Norma Dikeman Owner: Ann Felske-Jackman 276 [...]

Maplemor ARU The One v Evrmor – CH / OTCH Rottweiler

Multi AKC BIS, BISS, Multi AOM, Multi V-1 Rated, '10 RCC Canadian National Sieger and Most Beautiful Rottweiler in Show, FWRC - RSA'07, ’06 RCC Alberta Sieger and Most Beautiful Rottweiler in Show, OTCH Am/Can/UCI Int’l CH Maplemor ARU The One v Evrmor, Am/Can TDX, BST, SchH3/VPG3 , BH, Am/Can [...]

Heart Disease – Subaortic stenosis (SAS)

Rottweilers are a breed which has a high incidence of an abnormal heart sound, or murmur, caused by Subaortic stenosis (SAS). When you use an ordinary garden hose (without a nozzle) the water flows out quietly; when you cover part of the hose with your finger, it causes a disruption [...]

So You Want to Buy a Rottweiler

Interested in buying a Rottweiler? You must be or you wouldn't be reading this. You've already heard how wonderful Rottweilers are. Well, I think you should also hear, before it's too late, that Rottweilers ARE NOT THE PERFECT BREED FOR EVERYONE. As a breed they have a few features that [...]

Questions for a Breeder

NOTE: If you are dealing with a member of the RCC, MRC, CRC, USRC, or another Rottweiler club whose members adhere to a strict code of ethics, you should obtain satisfactory answers to these questions. If, however, you decide to take the risk of buying a puppy from the backyard [...]

Support Rottweiler Initiatives

The Rottweiler Club of Canada supports many worthy causes including: the fight again Breed Specific Legislation, Rottweiler Rescue, the Rottweiler Health Foundation and you can support your National Sieger Show or National Specialty Show.
Please email the RCC Ttreasurer and let us know which cause you wish to support with your donation.

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