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2006 Canadian Rottweiler National Specialty – August 12, 2006

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Judge: Joan Blackmore

Junior Puppy Male

Sudden Impact By Rottidox
Owner: Valerie Metcalfe
Breeder: Suzanne Hall
Hundshof Aries V Silverhill ex Windrock’s The Dance

Senior Puppy Male

Macko’s Wake Von Vasfor
Owner: Heather Bernhardt and Trevor Curzon
Breeders: Philip Vasconcelos, Alison Vasconcelos
Nemo Vom Weissen Graben ex Bewitching Fashion Von Vasfor

12 – 18 Month Male

Eis Haus Easy On The Eyes
Owner: Jim & Roxanna McGovern and Valerie McGraw
Breeder: Valerie McGraw, Gwen Kelley
Ch. Trinity Gamegards Sudden Impact ex Sunrize Kip Kando

Bred By Exhibitor Male

Gruppstark’s Lady’s Man
Owner: Susan, Julie & Art Grupp
Breeder: Susan & Julie Grupp
Dasko Vom Eisenton ex Gruppstark’s Lady Of The Knight

Open Male Class

Stonehedge Philip Eugene
Owner: Donna Glidden and Susan Catlin
Breeder: Susan Catlin
Karriem’s Goodwil Ambassador ex Ch. Stonehedge Madonna

Winners Male

Stonehedge Philip Eugene

Reserve Winners Male

Gruppstark’s Lady’s Man

Veteran Male Class

CH. Jowett’s Blazing Fire, CDX, CGN
Owner: Kevin Levy
Breeder: J. & R. Jowett
Ch. I’m Oliver Von Damien ex. Ch. Colombos Blaze

Junior Puppy Female Class

Eternal Fire Classone Starburst
Owner: Simone Mottle and Traci Geremia
Breeder: Traci Geremia, Linda Draper
Ch. Rothburg’s Kourage Under Fire Ztp, CDX, DDX, BH, CS, HIC, GCG ex CH. Taragwyn’s Eternal Stardust, CGC

Senior Puppy Female Class

Eirian’s Halfpipe Ally Oop
Owner: Johnn Glover
Breeder: Johnna Glover, K. Vandrish
Gonzzo Earl Antonius, IPOI ex Ch. Kaynoble’s Twist N Shout

12 – 18 Month Female Class

Excused: Wouldn’t show bite

Bred By Exhibitor Female Class

Spartans Rave On Raven
Owner/Breeder: Philip Mathew
Dakuzi Vom Hause Durdulov ex Ch Spartans Haven

Open Female Class

Silverhills Hot Tamale (First Place)
Owner: Maureen Telisky
Breeder: Judith Koloski, Cathleen Rubens
Tobants Grant ex Silverhills Best By Far

Prorot Khandy Xarie (Second Place)
Owner: Jacques Fortin
Breeder: Robert Fortin
Ch. Highlanders Khan-Frontation ex Ch Prorot Macpa Wendy Biss

Winners Female

Silverhills Hot Tamale

Reserve Winners Female

Prorot Khandy Xarie

Best of Breed / Best Of Winners

Stonehedge Philip Eugene

Best of Opposite Sex

Silverhills Hot Tamale

Best Puppy

Macko’s Wake Von Vasfor


Ch. Eternal Fire’s Ignite My Soul
Owner: Traci Geremia and Linda Draper
Breeder: Linda Draper
Ch. Mileah’s Egyptian Blue ex Ch. Eternal Moon Cloak The Sun

Best Veteran

CH. Jowett’s Blazing Fire, CDX, CGN

Brace Class

Ch. Eternal Fire’s Ignite My Soul
Ch. Eternal Moon C.E.O., CD TD BH

Sire & Get

Ch. Rothburg’s Kourage Under Fire, CDX, DDX, ZTD, BH, CS, CGC, HIC
Owner: Traci Geremia
Breeder: Neil & Loraine Jesse
Ch Rothburg’s Guardian Angel, CD ex Ch. Rothburg’s Fire From Heaven

Best Tailed Rottweiler

Eirian’s Halfpipe Ally Oop
Owner: Johnn Glover
Breeder: Johnna Glover, K. Vandrish
Gonzzo Earl Antonius, IPOI ex Ch. Kaynoble’s Twist N Shout

National Obedience Trial

Open B / Utility / High In Trial

Roborott’s Vagabond Man, CDX
Owner: Jeffery McCrea and Collette Phillips-McCrea
Breeder: Philip St. John, Shelley St. John
Ch Vondormans Ace Von Arco ex Ch Lilo Vom Kummelsee

CGN Test Held at the National

New Title Holders

Baxter (Rottweiler), Gina Turco
Hazel (Rottweiler), Terry Duffy
Uaudo U.D. Acten Festuug (Rottweiler), Boris Yanuzekovia
Megan (Rottweiler), Marvin Eng
Mirror Image Von Vasfor (Rottweiler), Maria Brent
Piper (Rottweiler), Johnna Glover
Bowen (Rottweiler), Johnna Glover
Esmonds Quantum Leap, HIC (Rottweiler), Carolyn Kinghorn
Esmonds Qruizin’ for A Bruizin’ (Rottweiler), Cassandra Levy

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