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FRANKIE needs a forever home

April 03, 2019 − by Laurie − in News, Rescue Rottweilers − 4 Comments

Adoption pending…

Frankie is an almost 2 yr. old rottweiler who was found straying.

Frankie is a very big boy who absolutely loves everyone he meets. So much so that he cannot contain his excitement and will jump up on people. Foster is working on this but Frankie’s zest and enthusiasm for life is hard to contain. He is a busy boy and will keep you on your toes. He will surf counters and he loves to steal things like paper towels or tea towels. Frankie is crate trained and actually loves his crate so he can be contained when you aren’t home.
Frankie also LOVES, LOVES car rides and makes a great travel companion.

Frankie is good with dogs of all sizes however he is far too interested and focused on cats so we are looking for a home without cats. We are also looking for an experienced large breed owner that will continue working with Frankie – he needs work on his leash walks….did we mention he is very big and strong? so he can definitely pull you along.

We mentioned that Frankie loves ALL people, big and small however with his enthusiastic zest for life he could easily knock a youngster over by accident.

If you think this gentle giant is the boy for you, please visit the ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario website and fill in the on-line application.

ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario


  1. I already filled out a application yesterday, and from the deepest love in my heart would love to be frankie forever mom.

  2. Has this handsome ” little” man found a forever home?

    This is a courtesy post for the rescue you would need to contact the rescue to find out about Frankie’s status. This post was from last year so I suspect he has would have a home by now.

  3. Leslie Fallaise
    June 12, 2020 3:40 pm

    Is Frankie still available? Kindly older gentleman living alone on 5.5 acres in a small town north of Toronto looking for a loving companion. Frankie would receive 100% 24/7 attention and be very well cared for by a man experienced with the breed. Thank you in advance for letting us know if Frankie is still available.

    • Hi Leslie:

      We do courtesy posts for the rescues but they don’t always update us when a dog has been adopted – that particular post was from around a year I would suggest he now has a home. I would suggest contacting one of the rescues listed on this page directly.

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